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Contour+2 Action Video Camera

November 14, 2012

The Contour+2 HD action video camera won’t miss a single one of your exploits. Built tough enough even for extreme sports, the Contour+2 easily attaches to helmets, handle bars or any other moving support to go virtually anywhere.

Much like many other products for the video fanatic, the Contour+2 ($469.99) features 1080p high definition video recording and captures 120 images per second—perfect for breathtaking slow-motion shots.

However, the camera stands out from the competition by offering an integrated GPS: all bike trails and ski slopes will be recorded in detail. The Contour+2 also connects easily to a smartphone via Bluetooth to provide an overview of the video or access a remote function. A truly wise innovation, even more when the camera is mounted on a helmet!



By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Contour


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