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Customized Training with Oakley’s Radar Pace Sunglasses

July 17, 2017

Oakley has seen further than ever with its new Radar Pace sunglasses. In addition to protecting your eyes from glare and UV rays, your Oakley sunglasses are now also a personal coach, using sensors to gather a host of data that informs you of your progress in real time. A unique collaboration with tech giant Intel for an optimal workout.

Radar Pace sunglasses are equipped with a tiny microphone to capture voice commands.  Need to know your speed, heart rate or pace? Simply ask, while in movement. Now that’s high-tech!

Fitted with the latest Bluetooth technology, Radar Pace glasses connect automatically to a variety of detectors and sensors, whatever the manufacturer. The system uses a dedicated application (Android and iOS) and can connect to social media through RunKeeper and Strava. Radar Pace sunglasses ($570) also include clear lenses for low-light conditions and two travel bags.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Oakley


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