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Drive LS Half Zip Lightweight Top, by Icebreaker

November 21, 2012

Sheep’s wool has never been so high-tech. New Zealand sheep and Icebreaker have just received a huge boost from nanotechnology and used it to give the Drive LS Half Zip top some impressive features.


Merino wool is already well known for its thinness, unparalleled comfort and soft feel against the skin, even during a full-blown workout. The Drive LS Half Zip, along with some other items of the New Zealand Icebreaker collection, is now more resistant to harsh weather conditions thanks to nanoparticles.


Invisible to the naked eye, these irregular particles attach themselves to merino fibre and effectively repel water. They are so tiny that that they do not take away from the wool’s breathability. The result is a wonderfully weather-resistant and breathable sheep’s wool, and a highly effective technical garment that doesn’t compromise wool’s natural comfort in any way.


This nanotechnology inspired collection has yet to be priced, but the Drive LS top is estimated to sell for about $200. http://ca.icebreaker.com


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Icebreaker


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