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Etip TNF Apex Touch Screen Gloves, by The North Face

November 28, 2012

Let’s face it: winter, bitter cold, gloves and smartphones don’t exactly go hand in hand… unless you are sporting The Northface’s Etip TNF Apex gloves, especially designed for touch screens.


The Etip TNF Apex gloves ($40) work like a charm with the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android telephones. Undisputed outdoors specialists, The North Face uses silver metallized tips for the thumb and index finger. This makes for user-friendly touch screen usage, even on the coldest of days.


No need to worry about the effect of the cold on these gloves. They are water-resistant, breathable and allow for easy dexterity.


The North Face offers different versions of these gloves with the same touch-screen friendly technology, such as the warmer Etip Facet glove, priced at $90. www.thenorthface.com


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: The North Face


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