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Garmin Edge 1000 High-Performance GPS Bicycle Computer

August 08, 2014

You will no longer have to choose between a standard GPS and a high-performance bike computer. Garmin had leading cyclists in mind when it created the Edge 1000, a flawless hybrid for the trendy athlete.

Performance on both wheels is tracked right down to the smallest detail, including pace, speed, power and heart rate: all the data most cyclists want is taken into account.

But the Edge 1000 ($599) goes even further: it is very similar to a smartwatch because it incorporates alerts for phone calls and text messages.

This new-generation GPS is also compatible with Shimano electronic transmissions, making it possible to display on screen the speed of both the crankset and the cogset.

But that’s not all: the Edge 1000 offers all the classic functions and maps of a GPS by Garmin, a world leader in computer-assisted mapping.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Garmin


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