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Red LED Revolights for Bicycle Wheels

June 28, 2013

You will never be this visible on the road. With the LED Revolights cycling lights, motorists will be dazzled as you cycle by. And you will also turn the heads of other cyclists and pedestrians.

The revolutionary approach of Revolights does not use pieces of reflective plastic but circular bands of bright LED lights that are installed on the wheel rims with a battery connected to the hub. The battery lasts four hours and can be easily recharged via a USB.Vous n’aurez jamais été aussi visibles sur la route. Avec les lumières de vélo à DEL Revolights, les automobilistes seront éblouis à votre passage. Et les autres cyclistes et piétons tourneront aussi le regard.

The result is striking. The light projections are bright, clear and varied. The bright halo is large enough to ensure the safety of cyclists and reveal obstacles and vehicles on the horizon.

The lighting kit retails for $229.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Revolights


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