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Revolutionary YES 20/20 Snowboard

January 19, 2016

Some snowboarders live for the powder. Trail-blazers with an eye for leading-edge design will be stoked to know that YES Snowboards is launching a revolutionary snowboard, the 20/20.

Considerably short and wide, the 20/20 promises extraordinary float thanks to deep concaves in the nose and tail, creating a 3D powder hull. This seldom attempted aerodynamic design provides a sensation of lightness, as if you were floating over the slopes.

The 3D look might not suit everyone’s tastes… until they try it in deep powder.

This eclectic model ($749) is made of fiberglass, providing a balance between flexibility and rigidity. Drawing inspiration from water sports, YES is the first to integrate wakeboard and surfboard innovations in a snowboard, with great success.

Perfectly symmetrical, a true twin, 20/20 is a must-have for boarders on the lookout for the latest means of conquering the mountain.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: YES Snowboards


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