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Tacx i-Flow, Your Virtual Reality Trainer

October 28, 2013

Tacx i-Flow virtual reality trainer brings high mountains and urban racecourses to your very own living room. Tacx cycletrainers are well known to cyclists during the off season. Tacx’s trainer, suitable for all road bikes, can easily convert your favorite bike into a formidable home cardiovascular machine.

However, Tacx’s virtual reality simulators are what make this product truly shine. The i-Flow trainer ($ 999), along with the Tacx Trainer Software 4, immerse cyclists into an actual race, be it a ride alongside the Tour de France mountains or an excursion in the city.

The software (Windows only) allows you to edit the runner and train in multiplayer mode. The system also incorporates a VR steering frame to simulate turns, and a CycleForce frame that slightly rebounds to recreate the authentic feeling of riding on pavement or trails.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Tacx


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