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TRX HOME Portable Suspension Training Kit

May 07, 2013

It’s difficult to imagine a smaller alternative to a workout at the gym. The TRX HOME suspension training system slips into a tiny mesh bag and can be used to perform hundreds of weight training exercises.

The professional version of the TRX has already made ​​its debut in weight rooms, sports teams’ locker rooms and military base camps.

The HOME Version ($199) offers the same suspension exercises as the professional one... provided that you have access to a door or pole. Straps, cables and handles easily anchor to the top of a door, making the TRX HOME the perfect training system for an athlete on the road, or a city dweller who wants to train at home using minimal space.

The set includes the suspension cables, a door anchor, a workout guide and a travel bag.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: TRX


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