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BlackBerry Mini Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

April 09, 2013

BlackBerry has recently launched its new BlackBerry Mini Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, a small wireless speaker that allows you to listen to music with your phone no matter where you are, while enhancing the hands-free function of your device.

The Blackberry speaker is a simple Bluetooth stereo speaker, which allows you to control your music, answer calls and speak without even touching the phone, thanks to a built-in microphone. The device is compatible with all phones, not only BlackBerry.

Its rather interesting clip-shaped design is extremely practical, allowing users to attach the speaker to virtually anything, like a backpack for instance, or a seatbelt even, for taking calls on the road.

Even though the sound quality of the device is not the best on the market, it can still be considered average for its $70 price tag.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: BlackBerry


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