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Motrr Galileo, Robotize your iPhone

August 13, 2012

Following a successful fundraising campaign (over $700,000 raised on the Kickstarter participatory funding platform), the Motrr company is expecting to launch Galileo—a device that can pivot your iPhone or iPod Touch remotely— later this spring.


Galileo has many potential applications, including video conferencing, as a baby monitor, checking under the car, seeing into hard-to-reach places or filming panoramas.



The device offers infinite panning, at a speed of 200° per second. To control it remotely, you need a second iOS device, such as an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, or a regular Web browser.


The cost of the Motrr Galileo has not yet been announced, but it is offered free of charge to anyone who supports the venture with a Kickstarter pledge of $85 or more. The price tag is therefore expected to be under $100.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Motrr


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