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Samsung DV300F, new Camera with Dual LCDs

May 07, 2012

Samsung recently launched its new DV300F in Canada, a compact digital camera that features a second screen, a 1.5 inch front LCD.


While the DV300F is not Samsung’s first dual LCD camera, the new model’s second screen is unique in that it is nearly invisible when not activated. The screen disappears into the camera’s finish. You really have to know it is there to be able to spot it.


When activated, this screen can namely be used to take self-portraits.


In addition to its second screen, the DV300F offers several smart functions as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, to upload photos directly to Picasa, Facebook and Skydrive without the need for a computer.



As for the photos (this is a camera, after all!), it falls into the average range, with a 16 megapixel image sensor and 5X optic zoom. However, this product’s target market should be especially pleased with the impressive number of filters and special effects that are included.


The Samsung DV300F is available starting at $249.99. Be aware that it does not work with an SD card, but rather a microSD card. You will therefore not be able to use your existing SD cards, which risks being a problem for some.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Samsung


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