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Sharp AQUOS 90, Bigger is Better!

July 03, 2012

Not everyone agrees on the perfect screen size, but many believe that when it comes to TVs, bigger is better! If you think the same and have a bit of money saved up, the brand new 90 inch Sharp AQUOS LC-90LE745U may be right up your alley.


With its backlit LED screen, 1080 resolution and 90 diagonal inches, this Sharp TV is being advertized as the largest LED TV on the planet. In addition to its staggering size, the Japanese company is also offering Wi-Fi connectivity and Smart TV functions with SmartCentral.



Other features include USB ports, a 120 Hz refresh rate and 3D capability. A fascinating detail: despite its colossal size, this screen uses less energy than two 75 watt bulbs. 


Obviously, it comes at a price, quite a bit more than if you had opted for an HD projector with a wall screen.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Sharp


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