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Sonos PLAYBAR, the Missing Piece

February 25, 2013

Without a doubt, Sonos offers the most successfully integrated solution for the installation of a wireless sound system to be used in the different rooms of the house. However, one piece makes the puzzle complete: a sound bar for your TV set; enter the Sonos PLAYBAR.

The PLAYBAR can play music the usual way your Sonos system does: from your computer, an online service like Rdio, using your phone or tablet as a remote control. But the device also comes with an optical cord to connect to your TV.

The sound bar is equipped with a total of nine speakers, and it is possible to add a Sonos SUB subwoofer and even a pair of small Play:3 speakers to enjoy a 5.1 home theater.

By adding this sound bar to its world of sound, Sonos has filled an important gap.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Sonos


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