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The All-In-One PC, by Vizio

January 28, 2013

Take everything you like about gadgets, computers and electronics, whether they are things you already have or wish you did, put them together and you’ll get the brand new all-in-one PC by Vizio. This machine is truly the best of both worlds: a powerful and effective computer equipped with Windows 8 plus everything you need for hours and hours of entertainment.


The 24- or 27-inch HD touchscreen supports all the new features of Windows 8. For its part, the Intel Core processor allows you to enjoy the Web, movies, games and even work as never before. Throw in a keyboard, a touchpad and a remote control, and you have everything you could ask for. Just sit back and enjoy music, movies and the innovative and elegant design of the all-in-one!


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: Vizio


Computer, Design, Vizio


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