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Leap Motion Controller, Ultramodern Perfection!

August 07, 2013

In several sci‑fi films, all actors have to do is make gestures in the air to control the computers of the future. This 3D motion detection technology is now available with the Leap Motion Controller.

Highly anticipated, the Leap Motion Controller is a very small device that sits on your desk, in front of your computer screen. It follows the gestures of your hands and fingers, thus being able to control compatible Apps with astonishing precision.

Pinch your fingers in the air to shrink an image, scroll a web page by swiping your hand up, draw in the air or even play drums mimicking the gestures of "Air Drum". Anything is possible! All it takes is a developer to think about it and the App is uploaded to Airspace, Leap Motion’s App marketplace.

Now available in Canada, the Leap Motion Controller retails for $81.99.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Leap Motion


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