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The New iMAC, breathtaking Design

December 28, 2012

Apple has recently launched its new generation of all-in-one iMac computers with an improved design and slimmer edges. The final product is nothing short of stunning.


Available in two sizes, 21.5 inches or 27 inches (between $1,299 and $1,999), the new iMac lacks in the slenderness department however. The new design is actually something of an illusion, because its real thickness can be perceived as soon as you look at the back of the computer. Regardless, the end result is pretty impressive.


The new design now brings all the ports to the back of the computer. As is it is often the case lately, the new iMac has also forsaken its signature DVD burner.



With a Core i5 processor, graphic card, 8 GB of RAM, a good sized screen and 1 TB of space, the new iMac qualifies as a powerful computer. Its most interesting feature, however, is its Fusion Disk drive that offers 128 GB of flash space in addition to the usual 1 TB. In short, we are talking about the performance of an SSD with the capacity of a hard drive.


Hands down, the iMac is (still) the best all-in-one computer on the market.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Apple


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