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Kindle Paperwhite, “And Then There Was Light!”

February 07, 2013

Having given the Canadian market the cold shoulder for a long time, Amazon is finally trying to entice consumers north of the 49th parallel with the launch of the Kindle Books electronic bookstore and hundreds of Kindle e-readers. Kindle Paperwhite, the latest e-reader launched in Canada, is also Amazon’s most interesting one. The Wi-Fi version sells for $139.


Kindle Paperwhite is a traditional e-reader: a lightweight device equipped with an easy-to-read electronic ink display. Moreover, this device is easy on energy consumption, runs for several weeks on a single charge, and can store thousands of books.


The e-reader is equipped with a new technology called Paperwhite, which lights up the screen to enable reading in the dark or in dim lighting.



The whole of it is quite impressive. The only hitch is felt by French-speaking customers, since the device doesn’t support e-books in ePub format, which are usually offered in Quebec online bookstores. However, if the Amazon store has what you’re looking for, this product is definitely worth considering.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Amazon


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