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The Samsung Galaxy Note II, Greater than Ever

November 06, 2012

Just a few months after the ultra large Galaxy Note smartphone was launched, Samsung comes back with the more colossal, efficient and up-to-date Galaxy Note II.


Unlike the original Note, whose design is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy SII, the new Galaxy Note II has a more updated look resembling that of the Samsumg Galaxy SIII, the popular Android smartphone released this summer by the Korean company.


The new Samsumg Galaxy Note II could have been called Galaxy SIII XL, or something to that effect, since both devices bear many similarities. They share the same new software features, although the Galaxy Note II uses Android 4.1, which is still not the case of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. They both share several “high-tech” features, such as 2GB of RAM and LTE connectivity.


The Note II offers a much bigger 5.55-inch screen, and S Pen for note taking or drawing and a more efficient quad-core processor.


The screen is obviously the main cool feature of the Galaxy Note II. You can almost say that it’s a cross between a smartphone and a small tablet.



Just like its preceding version, the Note II will appeal mostly to a niche market and may not be everybody’s choice; however, it’s the ideal companion for those who don’t mind carrying a larger device and who use their phones mainly as portable computers rather than a telephone. Many providers offer the Samsung Galaxy Note II for $200 with a three-year contract.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Samsung


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