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Samsung Galaxy S4, Much Success to Come

March 25, 2013

Samsung has finally unveiled the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4, its new 2013 flagship phone. An upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, this new model and its predecessor look almost alike.

In reality, the resemblance is not exact. Subtle differences can be noted: this new phone is thinner, its finish is different (but still plastic) and its 5-inch touchscreen is a tad larger.

The screen is now much sharper, thanks to 1080p resolution. Experienced users will appreciate  that the Samsung Galaxy S4 also supports microSD cards up to 64 GB, and its large 26 mAh battery is replaceable, which is an increasingly rare feature in smartphones.

This Android device also offers many software enhancements such as the ability to film with both cameras simultaneously and to pause a video simply by looking away.

The launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S4 has not yet been confirmed, but this device is likely to sell like hotcakes once again.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Samsung


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