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Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad

June 11, 2013

Belkin hopes to end Zagg’s and Logitech’s domination of the iPad keyboards with the Ultimate Keyboard Case (starting at $99), its new tablet sleeve, complete with Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard.

The item is a success, thanks to the magnets that allow you to position your iPad 2, 3 or 4 at three different angles. This magnetic mechanism can also automatically turn the keyboard on or off, ensuring you never put it away while in use. The keyboard itself is very efficient, with small keys that are easily pressed down.

Design-wise, the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case has a few pros and cons (the use of metal and leatherette is a plus but the plastic shell does not impress). Although it is lighter and thinner than other keyboards on the market, this one considerably increases the size of your iPad.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Belkin International


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