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Jins Meme Smart Glasses

June 30, 2014

Sometimes, our eyes get tired. However, the answer to this problem has finally arrived: Jins Meme smart glasses with a built-in fatigue detector. These stylized glasses may seem ordinary, but the complete Jins Meme package and all the gadgets are hidden behind the frame.

Their sensor is discrete, yet constantly on. It analyzes the level of eye fatigue to determine, in turn, your level of concentration. Too tired to drive? The Jins Meme, with the help of your smart phone and a Bluetooth connection, will let you know with an alert. Moreover, they are compatible with any system: Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

These eyeglasses also have something to offer to all athletes. They calculate, in real time, calories burned, speed and posture during physical exertion. Simply put, they are the kind of glasses you can’t wait to put on!

They will be available in Japan in 2015 although the price remains to be determined.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Jins Meme


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