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Ring Clock, the Watch that Has the Finger on the Pulse

September 06, 2013

One of the most futuristic watches ever invented is not worn around your wrist, but on your finger. Made of stainless steel and water resistant, the gorgeous Ring Clock can be recharged via a Qi charger pad that also allows you to adjust the time.

However, the Ring Clock is not on the market yet. The designers are looking for financing through Indiegogo.com, a crowdfunding platform where anyone can raise money. The first 5,000 people who invest $195 will receive a watch as soon as it’s launched in April 2014. The following 5,000 will have to wait until July 2014 and pay $210 instead. The price of the watch once on the market should go up to $250.

The Ring Clock has several interesting features like a LED light that marks the minutes one at a time. It has a running time of one week with normal use, i.e. 15 activations per day or two hours of continuous use. However, the battery lifetime is only three years and it can’t be replaced afterwards.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Ring Clock


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