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Span Smartwatch by Box Clever

May 14, 2014

Design studio Box Clever is making bold moves in the thriving smartwatch market. Rather than utilizing digital technology alone, the Span Smartwatch is an elegant combination of a traditional analog watch and the 2.0 features of a smartwatch.

This concept watch – which could enter production soon – reveals the hour and minute hands at the top and bottom of the dial, while an ingenious OLED display across the middle serves as a streamlined relay between the watch and a smartphone.

The curved central display is equipped with a navigation button, and displays text messages and other alerts, along with the time of day in digital format. A clever amalgamation of modern and classic.

The Span Smartwatch design uses stainless steel and sleek black ceramic, two high-quality materials associated with luxury watches.


By: Samuel Auger

Photos: Box Clever


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