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C Seed 201, a Spectacular Gigantic Screen

February 26, 2013

A 201-inch outdoor television screen fully retractable into the ground? This is what Porsche Design Studio is offering with its C Seed 201, a giant TV with LED display. At the touch of a button, or rather a fingerprint sensor, the screen comes out of the ground and unfolds with the utmost elegance.

Above all, the design, technology and kinematics have all been tailored to make the experience enjoyable and add panache to your outdoor events. It’s no wonder the C 201 Seed was chosen "Best of the Best 2012" during the prestigious red dot design awards.

Selling for about $700,000, this unique television is equipped with 15 built-in speakers and is water-resistant. The TV media server allows it to connect to your terminal (cable or satellite), DVD player or Blu-ray, computer, game console and many other devices for hours of pure enjoyment.


By: Tom Timmons

Photos: C Seed


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