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Sphero, an Orbotix Smart Robot for iOS and Android

November 26, 2012

Sphero is a rather peculiar accessory, to say the least. Compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets, this robot ball is not extremely useful—let’s be honest—but it’s definitely amusing, at least for the assumed geek.

Sphero is a small plastic ball that can be controlled from your mobile device via Bluetooth. You can change the colour of the ball, and make it roll on the ground at an extra high speed (up to three feet per second!) simply by sliding your finger across your tablet or phone.

If that were its sole ability, Sphero would probably have quickly fallen into oblivion. But the ball also works with over twenty applications, and the list is constantly growing. Sphero serves many different functions, such as a video game controller, an accessory for augmented reality, and can even be used to play a new type of miniature golf, board games, and much more.



In the past, the ball could only be purchased in Canada through the manufacturer’s online store, but it should be available at retailers in the coming weeks. For $130, is it the best investment of your money? Absolutely not. But it’s a lot of fun!


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Sphero


iPhone, Android


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