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Squier by Fender Strat Guitar with USB

November 13, 2013

Fender has recently launched Squier, a new electric guitar that allows beginners to easily record themselves to their iPad or computer, either on Mac or Windows.

The Squier with USB connectivity resembles the basic Strat electric guitar: it has the same typical functions, such as volume control, and features a ¼ inch output jack to connect it to an amplifier.

Nothing new so far. However, this new Fender guitar is also equipped with a USB port and all necessary cables to make recording to a computer or an iOS device a breeze.

Well-equipped guitarists may not rush to purchase this guitar. But at $200, it is a real treat for beginners, especially those already using an iPad and apps to record themselves such as Garage Band, or AmpliTube, which reproduces various pedal and amp effects.


By: Maxime Johnson

Photos: Fender


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